Advocacy Update: amaBhungane and Arena win court bid for access to Steinhoff report

The Western Cape High Court has found in favour of Tiso Blackstar (now Arena Holdings) and amaBhungane in their application to gain access to a PwC report commissioned by embattled retailer Steinhoff. The report will shed light on the alleged irregularities giving rise to a precipitous drop in the company’s share price in December 2017.

The ANC’s manganese ‘gold’ mine

Massive cashflows from a joint venture with sanctioned Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg could overwhelmingly shape the ruling party’s financial fortunes. The scale of the party’s reliance on this single asset may begin to explain the ANC’s fawning position on Russia.

Today is World Press Freedom Day

This year’s United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) theme is “Journalism under Digital Siege”.

Analysis: Who is behind South Africa’s xenophobic nationalism?

Evidence gathered for amaBhungane suggests that if South Africa descends into xenophobic violence, it will be disproportionately due to the actions of a few political actors.

Postbank’s near miss social grant meltdown

Revealed: payment disputes almost crashed South Africa’s multi-billion rand social grant system more than once last year, forcing Postbank to irregularly cough up for services it was supposed to have been delivering itself in the first place.

Advocacy comment: The NPO amendment bill — fresh spring or poisoned chalice?

For a Bill so long in the making (consultations began in 2012), it is a mess.  Released without an explanatory memorandum and with clumsy, half-drafted and contradictory provisions, its true intent and impact is virtually incomprehensible to those who have noticed it.

Who is really behind the R2-billion Tongaat Hulett bid?

Who sits behind Magister Investments, the prospective new owner of the sugar giant? This mystery is now front and centre in a last-ditch battle by minority shareholders to block the controversial R2-billion deal.

PRASA: the CR17 ‘spy’, the security cabal and the dodgy tenders

An obscure group of security personnel have been embedded in PRASA, giving them influence over the agency’s huge security budget – and more. Who put them there and why?