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Powerships: Officials confirm they met rival bidder, ‘minister’s associates’ at Kream

Last month, gas-to-power entrepreneur Aldworth Mbalati made explosive allegations of corruption in a court application. Now, two senior officials from the minerals and energy department have confirmed under oath that they met Mbalati and two alleged associates of Gwede Mantashe at an upmarket restaurant where they discussed a tender worth billions. But while Mbalati says he was pressured to engage in a corrupt scheme, the officials say they assured Mbalati that the tender would be clean.

Karpowership slams rival bidder in corruption case

The Turkish-led consortium has, in court papers, denied any involvement in corruption. It hit back at accuser DNG Power Holdings – asking why, if DNG was aware of corruption, it said nothing until its bid was disqualified.

EOH fleeced by fronts for hire

How EOH got fleeced: the case of the ‘fronts for hire’

A trail of fake invoices and front companies hid a plot to siphon millions from a police contract with tech giant EOH, according to a report to the Zondo commission. The money allegedly ended with a senior EOH executive’s company – from where ANC notables were paid

Update: McKinsey to return R870m state-capture money to Transnet

The money was earned from a three-year partnership between the consulting behemoth and state capture enabler Regiments Capital. McKinsey continues to insist that it was unaware that Regiments was channeling part of the fees to the Guptas.

Cashing in on Ekurhuleni’s money for the poor?

A City of Ekurhuleni aid programme to benefit the poor was generously expanded – but the beneficiaries were often commercial companies, raising questions about misplaced priorities and political favours.

Powerships: How the multi-billion-rand tender was (legally) rigged

The rules of government’s emergency power programme were questionable from the beginning. Then a series of dramatic changes and inexplicable decisions steered the multi-billion-rand tender towards a “predetermined” end. 

Powerships: How the tender kneecapped renewables and favoured gas

Hundreds of pages of “briefing notes” reveal that frustrated renewable bidders warned government that nonsensical rules of the emergency power programme would force bidders to burn fossil fuels and result in consumers paying more than they need to for electricity.