Analysis: African gay bashing ‘a colonial import’

Some decry Botswana’s enlightened High Court judgement on gay sex. But studies show that homosexuality existed — and was tolerated — across pre-colonial Africa.

Forbidden Stories Part 3: Sand mafias silence journalists in India

The death of Jagendra Singh, a Shahjahanpur journalist, seems to be part of what is quickly becoming the history of repression and silencing of journalists by Indian sand tycoons.

Forbidden Stories Part 2: A damning photo holds a Swiss-Russian mine accountable in Guatemala

An investigation into the death of a local fisherman in El Estor came to a standstill as authorities turned their attention to the journalist who captured the man’s final moments.

Forbidden Stories Part 1: Silence is golden for a Tanzanian mine

Since 2009, at least 13 journalists have been killed globally after working on environment-related stories, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. There may be as many as 29 cases. CPJ is still investigating 16 additional deaths.

‘My Chinese university ordeal’

Malawian students complain of language headaches, inflation of grades and lack of academic freedom while studying on Chinese government scholarships. 

Challenge damns Lesotho water project

AD bigwigs feed on rural water project

Of the 133 companies hired to carry out various projects related to the rural water programme were operations linked to the Alliance of Democrats (AD) — a key member of the Lesotho’s ruling coalition.

Advocacy: The South African government’s thinking on surveillance law is regressive

At the heart of the problem is the country’s main communication surveillance law, the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (Rica). 

Advocacy: Spying case is start of SA’s privacy reckoning

AmaBhungane’s constitutional challenge to SA’s surveillance law RICA in court.