Brian Shivambu rocks up with R3m after pleading poverty

The EFF leader’s brother has had an astonishing reversal of fortunes. Early this year he could afford no more than R5 000 per month to pay his enormous VBS debt. Last month he suddenly had R1-million and this week he had another R2-million to throw at the problem. Where he got it, no one knows.

Statement: Why Malema should not get away with banning us

The EFF’s ban of amaB and DM threatens not only the media, but democracy.

‘Global terrorist’ Dawood Ibrahim’s lasting grip on SA

Men suspected of planning assassinations in their native India were traced to South Africa in 2016 – but where are they now and where are the police?

Pensioners’ showdown with state capture ‘architect’

Transnet pension fund sets out the A to Z of its exposure to ‘Gupta corruption’.

The barren Sahara: a lesson in money laundering

#GuptaLeaks records disclosed in new court papers shows the Gupta computer company made R122-million profit on a deal that cost it just R167.


Capitec blocks state capture payback

A Transnet pension fund has accused Capitec Bank of setting itself up to benefit from state capture abuses by blocking a major settlement for Transnet pensioners. Capitec says it is defending its empowerment credentials, but the pension fund says it is trying to take unfair advantage.

Regiments Trillian Capital

R349m ‘stolen’ from pensioners in four days

After allegations emerged in court of yet another scam that Regiments Capital used to plunder a Transnet pension fund, Regiments directors quickly agreed to pay half a billion rand to settle all the fund’s claims against it. But Eric Wood, a former director, has gone to court to quash the deal, claiming his former colleagues are using the company’s money to save themselves, leaving him to face the music.

Goswami’s SA mandrax secrets

An international drug kingpin spills claims of hitmen, henchmen and high-ranking dealers.