Crime watchdog shines light on the man the PIC entrusted with R1bn

Global Initiative researchers first heard about Momade Rassul, the man from whom the PIC bought 70% of a palm oil refinery, “when researching the heroin route that traverses several countries along Africa’s East Coast”.

The tangled web of the Lesotho wool war

A spiralling war between the Lesotho government and the country’s 37,000 wool and mohair farmers took an alarming new turn last week with the arrest of their association’s outspoken frontman.

Nuclear price tag set Nene against Jacob Zuma

The finance minister, his son and the Mozambican refinery

Siyabonga Nene asked the PIC to finance a huge investment in Mozambique. He did not get that for himself, but the state-owned fund manager seemingly bent over backwards for his business partner – not least by depositing millions into an offshore account.

Cleaner accuses Lesotho police of corruption, abuse and collusion in vigilante justice

Despite facing serious claims for being complicit in the alleged 2015 abduction of a Masotho woman from Lesotho to South Africa, Lesotho police have yet to offer any clarity on the matter.

Vavi harassment complaint ‘went nowhere’

An investigation into sexual harassment allegations against the trade union leader, was apparently held hostage to internal political machinations.

Corruption in the courtroom

Rhino killers and other criminals have allegedly been bribing court officials in KwaZulu Natal. It’s a sordid tale of sex, gambling, poachers and payoffs. But there are three heroines (and one tainted hero).

#Guptaleaks: How Gupta companies faked their way around visa restrictions

Two senior Gupta employees sidestepped red tape to employ foreign labour at the expense of South African jobseekers.

China’s rural power grab

Dubious procurement, inflated costs, wasted millions and rumours of corruption — we lay bare the reality of how a project meant to overhaul Mashishing’s electrical infrastructure turned bad.