Advocacy comment: Digital privacy in the time of pandemics

The state’s first move to use phone tracking to fight covid-19 lacks key details and safeguards against abuse.

Police use sjamboks and rubber bullets to enforce Hillbrow lockdown

As more reports of police and army brutality roll in, we witness the blatant use of force, no questions asked.

Community Work Programme agent gave 300 contracts to brother’s company

Gabsie Mathenjwa, chair of Umgeni Water and a former director of Denel, says she did not know she needed to declare the relationship when her company dished out contracts on behalf of government.

Broken trust at the Mvula Trust

In “Community Work Programme agent gave 300 contracts to brother’s company”, we reveal how a Community Work Programme agent handed R32-million in government contracts to her brother’s company. We also told you she did something similar before. Here’s what happened.

Poor patient “denied critical healthcare over Covid-19”

Yesterday, March 24, was World Tuberculosis Day. To combat the disease, the World Health Organisation has stressed the need for speedy diagnosis and treatment. Yet a state hospital allegedly wants to send home, without diagnosis, a hostel dweller who has been left semi-paralysed by suspected TB of the spine – apparently after an instruction to reserve beds for Covid-19 emergencies. A community activist tells Mpilo’s story.

Deloitte agrees to #PayBackTheMoney to Eskom

A member of the Big Four backs down in its court battle with Eskom over “ill-gotten” consulting fees, and agrees to R150-million settlement.

10 years of digging: amaB’s decade in the dung

How a little faith, a little sacrifice and perhaps more than a little endurance have helped us beat the odds and build a unique South African solution to the malaise afflicting media worldwide.

PIC: How years of digging paid off

We said it before. Now so has Judge Lex Mpati.