State capture: The case against Nedbank

…Transnet R750-million more than was necessary. The proposal was so alarming that she had gone straight to Transnet chief executive Brian Molefe: “I was irate… I explicitly told him that…

08 February 2021 - Susan Comrie and Sam Sole

Battleground social media: The gathering Twitter storm

…was positioning itself on the frontlines of a struggle over the nature of the South African economy. To others, the fight was a more opportunistic, factional one. When Brian Molefe

22 June 2020 - Susan Comrie, Micah Reddy and Sam Sole

How the Guptas’ R9-billion loco heist went down

…19 January 2012, Wang Pan sent Brian Molefe an email titled “Visit in SA for 95 New Electric Locomotives”. Precisely 88 seconds later he copied it to a director of…

01 June 2020 - Stefaans Brümmer

A total train-smash: the R16bn ‘Gupta premium’

…Jiyane – are still in place, even though the state capture brains-trust of Brian Molefe and Anoj Singh has departed. Gama, Molefe and Singh did not respond. Jiyane denied any…

03 June 2018 - Sam Sole and Susan Comrie

The great train robbery Part 1 – the Zurich tryst

…which decided on large procurements. Gigaba also appointed Brian Molefe as Transnet chief executive and confirmed the permanent appointment of long-acting chief financial officer Anoj Singh. Both men’s links to…

09 March 2018 - amaBhungane and Scorpio

#GuptaLeaks: Meet the money launderers

…Office of the Chairperson and Group CEO. Then Transnet chief executive Brian Molefe told us he did not know how the Guptas got it. For years, Molefe has been questioned…

19 January 2018 - amaBhungane and Scorpio

#GuptaLeaks: How Anoj Singh sang for his supper

…crane, train and other Transnet contracts against which Gupta companies stood to get about R5.6-billion in kickbacks. These were all during Singh’s tenure at Transnet, alongside chief executive Brian Molefe,…

06 September 2017 - amaBhungane and Scorpio

#Guptaleaks: How the family encircled Lynne Brown

…include former Eskom chief executive Brian Molefe and former chairman Ben Ngubane, now shown to have intervened repeatedly to benefit the Gupta purchase of Optimum Coal; Mark Pamensky, who gave…

02 August 2017 - amaBhungane and Scorpio

Eskom admits lying on Trillian

…Earlier this week amaBhungane revealed how the Guptas grabbed Optimum Coal Holdings from resources giant Glencore – including allegations that Eskom chief executive Brian Molefe and chair Ben Ngubane tried…

21 July 2017 - Susan Comrie, Sam Sole and Stefaans Brümmer

#GuptaLeaks: The captured presidency

…Piitso also penned an eloquent defence of Brian Molefe, who had been exposed by the public protector as one of the Guptas’ accomplices in the nexus of state capture. Piitso…

19 July 2017 - Scorpio, News24 and amaBhungane