‘We must bow out with pride,’ says VBS boss Matodzi

In an exclusive interview, the man charged with orchestrating the pillage that led to VBS Mutual Bank’s ruin, claimed he is the victim of powerful political forces that conspired to destroy South Africa’s only black-owned bank and pin fictitious crimes on him.

Update: High court sets aside dodgy Tshwane fuel tender, fingers company that paid Malema ‘kickbacks’

A judge has declared constitutionally invalid a tender the city awarded to three bidders citing the “irrational” adjudication that amaBhungane exposed.

Next in line: VBS’s municipal bribery network

A second wave of arrests is widely expected, this time targeting some of the municipal officials who deposited billions in VBS Mutual Bank, allegedly often in exchange for bribes. After that, the road appears headed to political bosses.

Audit reports show how VBS got its claws into municipalities

Two forensic investigations reveal that senior municipal officials bent over backwards to invest in VBS Mutual Bank. They gambled with funds meant for community upliftment – and lost.

Battleground social media: The gathering Twitter storm

When we say “same WhatsApp group” we normally mean people share a point of view. But occasionally — very occasionally — there really is a WhatsApp group quietly coordinating what people say on social media and what happens in the streets.

Update: R13bn Community Work Programme declared ‘constitutionally invalid and unlawful’

After a two-year battle, a small non-profit is victorious as the Pretoria high court sets aside all 11 contracts in government’s flagship jobs programme.

Update: State presents case against VBS accused

Seven of the eight main suspects in the pillage of VBS Mutual Bank appeared in the Palm Ridge regional court today to hear their charges and post bail.

Breaking: VBS gang finally goes down

Eight prime suspects in the pillaging and destruction of VBS Mutual Bank were rounded up in simultaneous raids this morning. This marks the beginning of a wave of prosecutions that will almost inevitably drag in a range of political operators from municipalities right up to the national level.