Advocacy comment: The NPO amendment bill — fresh spring or poisoned chalice?

For a Bill so long in the making (consultations began in 2012), it is a mess.  Released without an explanatory memorandum and with clumsy, half-drafted and contradictory provisions, its true intent and impact is virtually incomprehensible to those who have noticed it.

Advocacy update: AmaBhungane’s win for transparency

The High Court handed down judgment declaring the Executive Ethics Code to be unconstitutional, unlawful and invalid — internal campaign donations to be disclosed.

Zuma tax case: Five reasons why the panic over confidentiality is wrong

The court ruling that former President Jacob Zuma hand over tax information has prompted a flurry of public debate over taxpayer confidentiality — much of it alarmist and wrong. AmaBhungane, one of the parties in the case, tackles five misconceptions about the judgment.

Advocacy Comment: The Companies Amendment Bill should unlock a new era of corporate transparency

The real owners of some companies hide their identities behind opaque legal mechanisms which may mask political corruption, money laundering or terrorist financing. We should therefore welcome the newly published Companies Amendment Bill, which offers a game-changing overhaul of corporate ownership transparency.

Advocacy release: The Access to Information Network and PAIA

Access to information in 2021: Is our signature statute fit for purpose?

AmaB Advocacy: Internal political party campaign financing — all eyes on the high court

Comment: AmaBhungane has argued in the Pretoria high court that donations to internal political party campaigns – which can lead ultimately to the candidate’s elevation to high office – are constitutionally required to be disclosed.

Ramaphosa CR17

Advocacy update: Constitutional Court vindicates amaBhungane’s legal strategy to ensure transparency in internal political party campaign funding

We will make our case for transparency once again in the high court.

Advocacy comment: World Press Freedom Day 2021

Thoughts from amaBhungane’s advocacy coordinator.

Rica amaBhungne case

Advocacy comment: AmaB’s Rica victory — big brother can no longer watch us with impunity

The Constitutional Court’s ruling in favour of amaBhungane, striking down the unfettered powers of the state to individual and bulk surveillance of data and communications, is a major victory for our rights to privacy.

Advocacy release: AmaB wins battle against spying abuse as ConCourt declares bulk surveillance unlawful, Rica surveillance provisions unconstitutional

The apex court has confirmed amaBhungane’s landmark high court victory. The State Security Agency must stop bulk interception immediately, journalists’ sources must be protected, and you must be notified after you were bugged.

Advocacy comment: Proposed electoral law rolls back voting transparency — for no clear gain

The Electoral Laws Amendment Bill, intended in part to protect voters’ personal information, will restrict access to the voters’ roll and the information contained in it. The gains are negligible compared with the cost: a potential threat to democracy itself.

Paramount group

Advocacy comment: Why amaB is challenging liquidation inquiry secrecy

AmaBhungane has approached the high court on an urgent basis to access a “section 417” inquiry into the collapse of Paramount Combat Systems, an armoured vehicle manufacturer that forms part of an international – and politically connected – group.

Advocacy comment: Beneficial ownership disclosure is indispensable in the fight against procurement ‘hyenas’

That there are opportunists who will look at a global tragedy and see only a chance to defraud the public purse underscores an urgent need: we must know who these people are. We need beneficial ownership transparency in procurement.

AmaBhungane advocacy

Comment: Should journalists do advocacy?

An investigative outfit with an advocacy programme may raise eyebrows. But amaBhungane has scored major wins for transparency and free speech.

Advocacy comment: AmaBhungane fights for media access to courts under lockdown

Lockdown shouldn’t have to mean ‘locked out’: amaBhungane champions keeping courts accessible to the media in the time of Covid-19.

Advocacy: New privacy rules for Covid-19 tracking a step in the right direction, but …

After the vague and worrying policy on phone-tracking, officials have tightened the regulations significantly. But let’s see what comes out of the oven.

Advocacy comment: Digital privacy in the time of pandemics

The state’s first move to use phone tracking to fight covid-19 lacks key details and safeguards against abuse.

Advocacy release: CR17 – court kicks transparency question into touch

Ruling in president versus protector matter a setback, but the game’s not over.

Advocacy: Open letter to Bheki Cele, Rica victim

The minister of police is in the odd position of upholding the same spying system that targeted him.

Advocacy release: Concourt to hear amaB’s Rica challenge

Our challenge to the abuse of the state’s surveillance capacity is coming to a head.