18 April 2024 | 08:43 AM

AmaBhungane explain the explosive Gupta money-laundering allegations

Key Takeaways

AmaBhungane’s story this week in HuffPost SA reveals how an apparent 10% kickback for ensuring that Neotel got a fat Transnet contract went to the Guptas.
These stories of state capture are critical to our democracy but can sometimes be difficult to understand — precisely because the people responsible use complex means to disguise their modus operandi.

Watch the video

In this video HuffPost SA asked amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism’s Susan Comrie to explain the allegations to a new reader coming in cold to the story. HuffPost SA engagement editor Shandukani Mulaudzi makes sense of the latest allegations, revealing the rot that has set in in our public sector.

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Susan Comrie

Susan took an unconventional career path into investigative journalism. After studying graphic design and art direction, she joined the Daily Voice as a freelance entertainment writer before she eventually managed to persuade her various editors to let her write more in-depth, investigative features.

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