24 April 2024 | 07:57 PM

Dear Friends and Foes

Key Takeaways

A year of political and economic shocks – and glimmers of hope – is drawing to a close and the holidays are upon us.

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We believe that the story we published today – about how the ideal of black empowerment was twisted to make the politically connected very rich from a tender that should serve the poor – shows the solidity and value of our work.

The same could be said of this exposé about evidence connecting the Gupta family to a kickback laundering network.

Thank you for your support this year, and happy holidays.
Team amaBhungane

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Before joining the amaBhungane team in 2017, Micah was the national coordinator for media freedom and diversity at the Right2Know Campaign. He holds a Masters in African Studies from Oxford University and a BA Honours in History from Wits University.

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