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Corporate stuff

AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism NPC is a non-profit company registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, South Africa, under the number 2009/024323/08.

Our memorandum of association determines our purpose. It states:

The Object of the Company is to promote open, accountable and just democracy, and a free press capable and worthy of performing this duty. To do so, the Company will develop investigative journalism in the public interest, inter alia by engaging in its best practice, by transferring investigative skills to other journalists, and by helping to secure the information rights investigative journalists need to do their work.

We have PBO (public benefit organisation) status with the South African Revenue Service under the registration number 930049364. This means that subject to conditions, we do not pay tax and donations to us are tax-deductible.

We are also registered with the revenue service as a VAT vendor under the number 4890257852.

Inquiries: admin@amabhungane.org.

Journalistic ethics

We hold others to a high standard. Expect it of us too. If you feel that our stories have not been accurate or fair, or that our journalistic ethics have failed us in any other way, please complain loudly to the managing partner, Sam Sole (sams@amabhungane.org). We shall investigate and make amends where due.

You may also complain externally. AmaBhungane subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print and Online Media that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the Code, within 20 days of the date of publication of the material, please contact the Press Ombud at +27 (0)11 484 3612/8, fax +27 (0)11 4843619 or website www.presscouncil.org.za.


We are a non-profit organisation that does no more than the journalism and related activities we describe here. We will not sell your information nor hand it over to others to target you with advertising. However, our work and your use of this site have privacy implications:

  • Journalistic inquiry and publication may intrude on privacy, but it should do so only to the extent justifiable in the public interest. The Protection of Personal Information Act does not apply to journalists when they do bona fide journalism and are “subject to a code of ethics that provides adequate safeguards for the protection of personal information”. The Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print and Online Media is such a code. As we subscribe to it, any complaint that we intruded unjustifiably on a person’s privacy in the course of our journalism should be directed to the Press Ombud here or by calling +27 (0)11 484 3612. For the rest, we are subject to the above Act and the jurisdiction of the Information Regulator, which is the appropriate authority for complaints.
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  • This website contains links to external websites and services, the content and policies of which are not under our control. In particular, this site uses plug-ins for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’s share, like and follow functions. You may want to read the privacy policies of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others.
  • We use GivenGain, a web platform, to manage online donations. The GivenGain Foundation is a non-profit based in Switzerland. Read GivenGain’s privacy policy here.  When you make a donation to amaBhungane via GivenGain, it shares information like your name, address, email address and the donation amount with us. If you tick the “anonymous” box when donating, GivenGain will not share your name, address or email address with us. We prefer your donations not to be anonymous as we are unable to give anonymous supporters any benefits.
  • If you donate to us via GivenGain or directly, we treat your personal information as private and use it only to understand our donor base, communicate with you and extend agreed benefits to you. However, if your donation is above our disclosure threshold (currently R10 000/year), your name and amount donated will be published on this website and may be published in stakeholder communications.
  • We will communicate with you via our newsletter and WhatsApp channel only if you have subscribed to them or otherwise agreed to receive communications via them. Communications include information about our latest stories. They may also include information about our activities to develop investigative journalism, information about our town hall events and funding appeals. If you want to stop your newsletter subscription, please email digital@amabhungane.org. If you want to stop your WhatsApp notifications, send an SMS or WhatsApp to the number from which you are getting the notifications. You may want to read the privacy policies of MailChimp, our newsletter service provider, and WhatsApp.

Inquiries: admin@amabhungane.org.


AmaBhungane has copyright to all articles and announcements on this site unless otherwise indicated. We are all for the widest possible republication of our material and are looking at instituting a creative commons licence. But we are bound by some agreements, so please ask admin@amabhungane.org before you republish.