14 June 2024 | 02:24 AM

Watch: Tips on how best to communicate with us

We rely on insiders and sources to give us crucial information so that we can do our jobs. But we also understand the risks associated with sharing information with us.

  • Watch the video on the left for tips on how to communicate with us anonymously

It is also worth noting the kinds of things we need from you to help us to start digging.

What we’re looking for

The people in the room and documents showing money trails. So think about what documents you have access to: contracts, memos, emails, messages.

Provided that you can access these documents without putting yourself at risk — we want to see them.

As journalists, we are outsiders to systems of power. If you are on the inside, your insight, context and specific information can be crucial to help us to hold power to account, accurately and fairly


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Before joining the amaBhungane team in 2017, Micah was the national coordinator for media freedom and diversity at the Right2Know Campaign. He holds a Masters in African Studies from Oxford University and a BA Honours in History from Wits University.

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