29 March 2023 | 06:25 PM

Watch: Croatian investigative show on Danko Končar and his links to SA


In February 2020, journalists from Croatian investigative television programme, Provjereno interviewed Dewald van Rensburg on his 2019 story, The great Samancor ‘heist’, that revealed allegations of theft and corruption totaling over $500-million involving Croatian billionaire Danko Končar.

The allegations are contained in court proceedings pitting workers against Samancor Chrome, one of South Africa’s major privately owned mining and minerals processing companies, and Končar, its previous owner and chair.

Končar has had a storied career, owning and managing major mining and metals companies from Russia to Germany, South Africa and Finland. He has been dubbed the “king of chrome” in his native Croatia and is reportedly the richest Croatian in the world.

Van Rensburg’s interview forms part of Provjereno’s televised investigation into Končar’s international dealings. He explained how a profit shifting scheme and other dodgy deals orchestrated by Končar were allegedly used to siphon hundreds of millions of dollars offshore out of Samancor Chrome.

Watch Provjereno’s video.

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