30 March 2023 | 07:33 AM

Watch: Susan Comrie takes Colombian journalism students behind the scenes of covering the #GuptaLeaks


Last month amaBhungane’s Susan Comrie traveled to Bogotá, Colombia where she participated in a conference hosted by the University of La Sabana. Comrie explained amaBhungane’s funding model; the unit’s editorial independence; investigative processes and source protection among other things.


Professor María Isabel magaña and Susan Comrie (Colombia, August 2019).


She also shared her experience in covering the #GuptaLeaks and the incredible processes undertaken during 2017 and 2018 by South African investigative journalists in revealing how the Gupta brothers managed to capture the state under president Jacob Zuma.

The leaks, which included well over 300 000 emails — dubbed the African Wikileaks — offered a trove of information directly implicating dozens of politicians and businesspeople who manipulated tender processes in order to benefit themselves, and ultimately the Guptas (who cut in members of Zuma’s family).

The impact from years of abuse, greed and corruption is still being felt in South Africa.

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