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Special report: the #GuptaLeaks and more — all our stories on State Capture

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15 January 2020 The dirt on Deloitte’s consulting deals at Eskom, Part 1

16 January 2020 The dirt on Deloitte’s consulting deals at Eskom, Part 2

17 February 2020 Mkhwebane intent on destroying office of the public protector, senior official tells Parliament

20 March 2020 Deloitte agrees to #PayBackTheMoney to Eskom

9 April 2020 Update: In the wake of Eskom scandal, two Deloitte directors resign

1 June 2020 Locorruption reloaded: We reveal Gupta kickback contracts worth R9bn

1 June 2020 How the Guptas’ R9-billion loco heist went down

1 June 2020 Listen: Stefaans Brümmer unpacks his ‘Locorruption’ investigation

8 June 2020 Eskom demands PwC pay back R95-million in consulting fees

16 July 2020 Premiers, ministers, Guptas: the mysterious powers of VBS fixer Danny Msiza

5 August 2020 Update: Here are the papers in Eskom’s multi-billion state capture summons

21 September 2020 New York court grants IDC access to Gupta financial records from 17 international banks

21 September 2020 SARS hits Guptas with major tax bill and unearths R105m in mystery payments

23 September 2020 Obituary: Regiments Capital

7 October 2020 Update: VBS finance boss Truter strikes deal with NPA

22 October 2020 After state capture, Guptas and friends are flying high


17 January 2019 Update: Chinese rail supplier returns R618m to Transnet

8 February 2019 Guptas drop millions on double wedding

24 April 2019 Listen: Susan Comrie discusses the latest corruption allegations against Transnet

3 May 2019 Update: My big fat Gupta wedding – the movie

12 July 2019 Another Gupta wedding brings shadowy in-laws into the fold

2 September 2019 R349m ‘stolen’ from pensioners in four days

5 September 2019 The barren Sahara: a lesson in money laundering

5 September 2019 Capitec blocks state capture payback

6 September 2019 Watch: Susan Comrie takes Colombian journalism students behind the scenes of covering the #GuptaLeaks

15 December 2019 State Capture 2.0 Part 1: Spies instructed public protector on SARB report

15 December 2019 State Capture 2.0 Part 2: Mkhwebane ordered investigator to ‘remove information’ on Ace, Zwane in Estina report

21 December 2019 Exclusive: Meet the whistleblower taking a stand against Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane


19 January 2018 #GuptaLeaks: Meet the money launderers

19 January 2018 #GuptaLeaks: Liverpool company owns 49% of Indian firm implicated in kickback scheme

19 January 2018 #GuptaLeaks: Indian politician’s deal with Gupta partner

7 February 2018 #GuptaLeaks: How Bank of Baroda’s misadventures dragged it into SA’s political crisis

6 March 2018 Mediosa management mum, on the run

8 March 2018 SAP’s #GuptaLeaks investigation finds “irregularities” and “question marks”

9 March 2018 The great train robbery Part 1 – the Zurich tryst

9 March 2018 #GuptaLeaks: The high altitude hijack

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23 March 2018 The great train robbery Part 2 – The choo-choo switcheroo

28 March 2018  The Nkonki Pact Part 1: How the Guptas bought themselves an auditor

29 March 2018 The Nkonki Pact Part 2: Eskom’s new billion-rand consulting deal for Essa & Co

13 April 2018 Nkonki CEO resigns after we expose Gupta fronting deal

23 April 2018 The Nkonki Pact Part 3: Eskom funded Essa’s capture of audit firm

3 June 2018 A total train-smash: the R16bn ‘Gupta premium’

30 July 2018 The “Gupta Minyan” and the R647-million Transnet scam

15 August 2018 The Trojan horse that wheeled R600m out of state-owned entities

10 September 2018 Guptas siphoned R100m-plus from China loan, evidence shows

20 September 2018 #Guptaleaks: How Gupta companies faked their way around visa restrictions

25 October 2018 The insider: Booze, bogus invoices and a Range Rover Sport

12 November 2018 Guptas ‘tried to use front’ to extract Sahara assets

23 November 2018 Behind coal tug-of-war, more Gupta strings

27 November 2018 Update: Gupta suitor loses claim to Optimum

[sidebarContentVideo id=168 url=JTUaJpxYwuw][/sidebarContentVideo]2017

9 February 2017 Read the Eskom report: A R20m investigation into the state-owned utility was cut short by its board

16 February 2017 Gupta-owned newspaper in line of fire of new Nielsen report

19 February 2017 EXPOSED: The Guptas and the ‘box of gems’

22 April 2017 R10bn in 15 days – another massive Eskom boost for the Guptas

23 April 2017 Tegeta’s R7-Billion Bonanza

16 May 2017 EXCLUSIVE: How Brian Molefe ‘helped’ Gupta Optimum heist

18 May 2017 Advocacy: AmaB wins access to information battle over Gupta Waterkloof landing

18 May 2017 EXCLUSIVE Gupta mine grab: how Brown misled Parliament

1 June 2017 Editorial: The #GuptaLeaks revealed

1 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Guptas and associates score R5.3bn in locomotives kickbacks

1 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Guptas pushed Eskom for R1.68bn prepayment

1 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Did Gigaba and officials grease Gupta gears?

1 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Duduzane Zuma, Kept and Captured

1 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: UK PR firm tried to push ‘white monopoly capital’ agenda to save Zuma’s reputation

1 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: The R331m Dubai Mansion

3 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Duduzane Zuma’s UAE residency confirmed

5 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Despite denials, Free State dairy farm was huge cash spinner for Guptas

5 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: The ‘Gift’ that keeps on giving

5 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How Guptas went behind government’s back on Dalai Lama

5 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: The Zuma at the Gupta gate

6 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How Bell Pottinger sought to package SA economic message

6 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How Sun City had to fight the Guptas for wedding payment

7 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Guptas planned to buy Primedia and build a government-supported media empire

7 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Oakbay ‘doing the right thing even when no-one’s watching’

8 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Guptas tipped off about SARS investigation unit

9 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How Eskom was captured

9 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Emails offer further proof of Gupta racist attitudes

10 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How the Guptas screwed Denel

12 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Delhi Daredevils staff member contacted Guptas for visa assistance

12 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How captured ambassador lobbied the Dutch

14 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Another CV, another Eskom chief – then cash for the Guptas

16 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Bell Pottinger, ANCYL and MK veterans – the early days

18 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How Guptas picked up military vets’ conference tab

19 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: The captured presidency

23 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Direct evidence Gupta henchmen prepared fake race-baiting tweets

25 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Guptas spied on Manuel, Malema and bank bosses

28 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: More racism exposed in email

30 June 2017 Key findings from Budlender’s damning Trillian dossier

30 June 2017 McKinsey caught up in Trillian lies

30 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: The Dubai Laundromat – How millions from dairy paid for Sun City wedding

[sidebarContentSingleImage url=https://amabhungane.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Graphic3.jpg][/sidebarContentSingleImage]

30 June 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How KPMG saw no evil at the Sun City wedding

5 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Working for the Guptas, where sexual harassment was part of the job

5 July 2017 Video: #GuptaLeaks Ep.1 – A roundup

11 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Software giant SAP paid Gupta front R100m “kickbacks” for state business

15 July 2017 Video: #GuptaLeaks Ep.2 – Bell Pottinger’s PR campaign unpacked

17 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: More multinationals ensnared in Transnet kickback web

17 July 2017  The almighty dollar – a #GuptaLeaks game-changer?

17 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Sacked CSA chief Gerald Majola had cosy relationship with Guptas

21 July 2017 How Gupta associates ‘fleeced’ Cosatu in HQ deal

21 July 2017 Eskom admits lying on Trillian

22 July 2017 gupta-leaks.com: Everything you ever need to know about #GuptaLeaks in one place

24 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Gupta spin machine commissioned BLF’s Mngxitama

25 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Another software giant implicated in ‘kickback’ payments

26 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Indian IT guru linked to fake WMC sites

27 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Let’s hear it for the good guys

28 July 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Top Zuma bodyguard in kickback scandal

2 August 2017 #Guptaleaks: How the family encircled Lynne Brown

3 August 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How the Canadian government helped the Guptas buy their private jet

8 August 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How the Guptas paid for Zuma home

9 August 2017 Why you should care about the #GuptaLeaks — an international view

9 August 2017 The woman who blew the whistle

11 August 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How Ajay Gupta was trusted with crafting SA’s global image

14 August 2017 EXCLUSIVE #GuptaLeaks: Guptas’ blue lights mystery solved

23 August 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Questions surround Guptas’ minimal tax returns

23 August 2017 #GuptaLeaks: Tegeta buyer ‘hid’ Gupta assets before

6 September 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How Anoj Singh sang for his supper

14 September 2017 The McKinsey dossier part 1 – how McKinsey and Trillian ripped R1.6bn from Eskom

18 September 2017 #GuptaLeaks: A third Gupta-Transnet ‘kickback’ contract unearthed

27 September 2017 Whistleblower: How Trillian scored big by connecting officials and consultants

3 October 2017 The McKinsey dossier part 2 – contract to pay McKinsey and Trillian R1.6-bn ‘invalid’

6 October 2017 The McKinsey dossier part 3 – Eskom tells McKinsey and Trillian to #PayBackTheMoney

8 October 2017 The Trillian playbook: How Oliver Wyman nearly got ensnared

11 October 2017 The McKinsey dossier part 4 – bending over backwards for Trillian

23 October 2017 The McKinsey dossier, part 5 – how Transnet cash stuffed Gupta letterboxes

25 October 2017 The McKinsey dossier part 6 – five strikes and you’re IN

10 November 2017 #GuptaLeaks released to journalists worldwide

14 November 2017 Exclusive: Gupta ‘negotiator’ and the R4bn Transnet IT deal

24 November 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How MultiChoice paid the Guptas millions

26 November 2017 #GuptaLeaks: KPMG missed more money laundering red flags

1 December 2017 #GuptaLeaks: How family hijacked (and then lost) a Lesotho diamond mine

13 December 2017 #GuptaLeaks: A tale of two captures – Alexkor, Gupta Inc and ‘WMC’

15 December 2017 #GuptaLeaks: The confidence game


5 February 2016 Guptas conquer state arms firm Denel

5 February 2016 Gupta ties are Zuma’s undoing

19 February 2016 Zuma Jnr hits the big time with Optimum deal

18 March 2016 The president who tossed away the rule book

24 March 2016 The ‘Gupta owned’ state enterprises

24 March 2016 Evidence of state capture mounts

1 May 2016 Guptas “backed” Maine’s R140k-a-month bond

15 May 2016 Guptas sue for 27.5% of Independent Media 

30 May 2016 How Denel was hijacked

6 June 2016 Guptas’ media bid rebuffed

28 August 2016 Gupta-linked firm’s R167m Transnet Bonanza

30 August 2016 Tegeta coal quality hopelessly noncompliant, says report

18 September 2016 Transnet’s shady Gupta loan deal

19 June 2016 Guptas’ R51bn train grab

24 July 2016 Gupta-linked company set to score R800-million in Transnet IT solution tender deal

01 Sep 2016 Treasury blocks Eskom’s Tegeta contract

19 September 2016 Questions over new Denel partner

21 October 2016 R587m in six hours – how Eskom paid for Gupta mine

15 October 2016 Gordhan blows whistle on Guptas’ R6.8bn ‘suspicious and unusual payments’

29 October 2016 State Capture – The Guptas and the R250 million “kickback laundry”

3 November 2016 Zwane and his new appointment go way back

4 November 2016 State approved Guptas’ raid on mine rehab fund

8 December 2016 From Zuma Inc to the Zuptas – a story of perseverance

8 December 2016 Video: amaBhungane explain the explosive Gupta money-laundering allegations

8 December 2016 Analysis by Sam Sole: Zuma’s treasonous alliance with the Guptas

8 December 2016 Exclusive: Guptas “Laundered” kickback millions – here’s the evidence


31 July 2015 – ‘Kickback’ scandal engulfs Transnet

24 September 2015 Gupta past haunts new mines minister

23 October 2015 State fumes as Sascoc steals its ball

20 November 2015 Gupta Inc’s Dubai secret

20 November 2015 Zuma’s ‘deal’ with Cape gang bosses

20 November 2015 Editorial: Zuma gangs up on democracy 


7 February 2014 Free State dairy project damned in treasury investigation

14 February 2014 Cow heap attracts Blue Scorpions

5 June 2014 Estina’s cows come home to roost

20 June 2014 State adviser’s R5m Gupta house

4 July 2014 Transnet tender boss’s R50-billion double game

29 August 2014 Ombudsman rejects Transnet tender boss’s complaint

24 October 2014 Row over Eskom’s R43m Gupta breakfast deal

24 October 2014 SAA’s boundless flights of fancy

24 October 2014 Editorial: Nene hobbled by old tusker

28 November 2014 Auditors rap Eskom Gupta splurge

28 November 2014 Editorial: Eskom hand-out gets red card

5 December 2014 Another state bonanza for the Guptas

19 December 2014 Editorial: Yet another state body under threat


25 January 2013 Parastatals squeezed over New Age

22 March 2013 R10-billion contract behind SAA dogfight

21 May 2013 ‘Guptas’ farm cash cows in Free State

7 June 2013 “Gupta” dairy project milks Free State project

14 June 2013 “Gupta” dairy flouts treasury rules

12 December 2013 Concourt puts Sishen mining right dispute to bed


30 November 2012 Guptas ‘bankroll’ Mrs Zuma’s bond


5 February 2011 Steel of a deal for Zuma Jnr

4 March 2011 Going off the rails

4 March 2011 Striking Gupta workers held

18 March 2011 Plum Gupta job for Zuma fiancée

1 April 2011 Veterans official in private deals

29 July 2011 All the president’s assets

29 July 2011 Sishen row: Hawks’ raids rattle top politicos

16 August 2011 Kumba launches broadside against Imperial’s prospects

9 September 2011 Row over “unpaid” bills at Gupta family’s mine

21 October 2011 Erwin’s company lands tender-free coal deal

15 December 2011 Sishen rivals braced for verdict


19 March 2010 Keeping it in the family 

14 May 2010 Zuma “meddled in mine buyout”

13 August 2010 Zuma Jnr heading for first billion

20 August 2010 Guptas key to ArcelorMittal deal

29 October 2010 Govt to apply ideology to adspend

26 November 2010 Sishen row: Govt targets steel prices

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