22 March 2023 | 09:29 AM

amaBhungane’s fight for Nkandla information

Key Takeaways

Request 1: procurement information

amaBhungane request for details of the “procurement by the state of goods or services to improve, upgrade, alter, add to or secure the Nkandla estate of the president” — only information relating to the “financial implications” and not “the technical detail of security-sensitive improvements” was sought.

July 7 2012

amaBhungane Promotion of Access to Information Act request to Dept of Public Works

August 13 2012

Dept of Public Works rejects amaBhungane request

September 10 2012

amaBhungane attorneys appeal Dept of Public Works decision to reject request

September 19 2012

Dept of Public Works acknowledges amaBhungane letter of appeal

October 10 2012

Minister of Public Works appeal decision falls due (but fails to respond)

November 22 2012

amaBhungane files notice of motion/founding affidavit to oppose and overturn Dept of Public Works’s refusal

January 29 2013

Dept of Public Works’ answering affidavit

March 7 2013

amaBhungane files replying affidavit

March 25 2013

amaBhungane files supplementary replying affidavit

April 18 2013

South African History Archive Trust applies to be admitted as an amicus curia

June 14 2013

Dept of Public Works supplementary affidavit agrees to release redacted files

July 5 2013

amaBhungane publishes “The Nkandla files”

September 4 2013

amaBhungane supplementary affidavit listing missing documents from the files and intention to proceed with a court application

September 20 2013

Dept of Public Works further answering affidavit claiming all documents that could be found have been disclosed

September 30 2013

amaBhungane heads of argument for trial hearing in the Pretoria high court from November 5th-6th

October 28 2013

Dept of Pubic Works heads of argument

October 29 2013

South African History Archive Trust (amicus curia) heads of argument

October 29 2013

Democratic Governance & Rights Unit (amicus curia) heads of argument

November 4 2013

amaBhungane’s note for the hearing

November 5 2013

North Gauteng High Court hears argument

Request 2: Ministerial task team report

amaBhungane request for a copy of ministerial task team report on investigation into procurement at Zuma’s Nkandla home, as announced by Public Works minister Thulas Nxesi on January 27 2013.

February 1 2013

amaBhungane Paia request form to the Dept of Public Works

April 3 2013

amaBhungane internal appeal form after Dept turned down Paia request

August 26 2013

amaBhungane notice of motion and founding affidavit seeking to compel DPW to release report

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