01 June 2023 | 03:42 AM

Get notified of all our stories on WhatsApp.

Key Takeaways

Get notified of all our stories on WhatsApp. Whenever we publish, we’ll send you a short message telling you what the story is about, and a llink so you can read on.

Interested? Here’s how:

  1. Add us as a contact to on your phone. Our number is 072 9185030. You have to add us, or we won’t be able to send you messages.
  2. Send us your number via SMS (not WhatsApp) so we can add you.

You’ll begin receiving our messages as soon as we begin sending them.


1. How often will I get notifications? You will only receive a message from us when we publish a new story. We have different publishing partners, so we publish when they do. The number of stories will vary, but will tend to be between one and four.

2. Can my number be used for anything other than WhatsApp notifications about newly published stories? Your number stays with us. We are a non-profit organisation that only does investigative journalism. We will not sell your number or hand it to others to target you with advertising. We will use it only to notify you of our newly published stories and, once in a blue moon, communicate with you regarding ourselves.

3. Who will have access to my phone number? Only employees of amaBhungane will have access to your number, and that’s 10 of us. Your number will be saved on an amaBhungane-only phone, which stays in our office.

4. Can I opt out? If you want to opt out of the stories, just send us an SMS to delete your number from our list, and we’ll do it. You should receive no more notifications from us after that.

5. I have more questions. Where can I get hold of you? Email your questions to [email protected]. We’ll answer as soon as we can.

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Caroline James

Caroline joined amaBhungane in 2022. As a lawyer Caroline’s interests are in freedom of expression, access to information and state accountability and has sought to weave those interests together in her work and academic study. She has BA (Honours) and LLB degrees from Wits University and an MA from Queen’s University in Canada where her thesis was on inconsistent global standards on accountability for corruption. Caroline has worked at the Southern Africa Litigation Centre and Corruption Watch and consulted for the Open Contracting Partnership.

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