Malawi’s commercial banks’ role in ‘Cashgate’ must be investigated

Third-ranked Zimbabwe bidder wins tender to provide anti-corruption software in Malawi

Malawi’s Parliament’s budget and finance committee has strongly criticised both the long delay in the procurement of anti-corruption software and the sudden engagement of Twenty Third Century Systems.

Billions blown but buses remain bogged down

After seven years of development and a fortune spent, the Ekurhuleni BRT system is in disarray. The municipality is only now scrambling to find out what went wrong.

King Mswati is said to owe millions

Swaziland’s name change challenged in court

The court challenges comes after King Mswati announced in April that Swaziland would be called eSwatini.

Regiments Capital Transnet

The Trojan horse that wheeled R600m out of state-owned entities

Records show how Regiments Capital passed more than half of its consulting fees from Transnet, SAA and Denel contracts to Gupta and Essa fronts.

‘They sold us a dead dream’

North West contractors who were meant to benefit from a public works scheme were left stranded and in debt when it fell apart after just 6-months.

The “Gupta Minyan” and the R647-million Transnet scam

A trail left by Salim Essa led us to a group of businessmen who claim their community has shunned them because of their Gupta-association.

Businessmen ‘prey’ on indigent Namibians to poach rhino for international syndicates

We investigate the role of wealthy local businessmen in driving rhino poaching in Namibia.

The Paradise Papers: revealing financial secrets of the world's wealthiest 1%

The Paradise Papers: revealing financial secrets of the world’s wealthiest 1%

Millions of leaked records highlight damning cases of tax abuse involving multinational companies, high level politicians and even royals.

Christo Wiese, Tullow Oil and ENS’s tax dodging services

Tax advisers at ENSafrica sold tycoon Wiese a lemon — one that now implicates him in what Sars has described as an elaborate “tax evasion” scheme.

Bitter Namibian land dispute drags in senior politicians

A highly favourable lease signed by Namibia’s current vice-president, Nangolo Mbumba, is at the heart of an ownership battle.

What SAP really knew about the Guptas

Newly-leaked documents show that the software giant knew it was dealing with the Guptas more than a year before the #GuptaLeaks allegations emerged

One of Botswana’s biggest landholders embroiled in controversy

A lack of clarity from directors of an opaque British-registered company has raised more questions over its colonial-era land holdings.

Another nuclear safety scare at Pelindaba as management fumbles

Whistleblowers have accused the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation of sidelining qualified staff in favour of inexperienced technicians.

Forensic probe fingers CEO at Sedibeng Water

A lifeline to the driest parts of SA’s north west has been wracked by allegations of tender fraud, leading to the suspension of two of its officials.

Gupta link in R647m train deal

A total train-smash: the R16bn ‘Gupta premium’

Analysis: How the Transnet locomotive acquisition went from R38.6bn to R54.5bn.

Transnet school head suspended amid claims of ‘inadequate’ training

Gupta link in R647m train deal

Evidence now shows that Salim Essa helped two locomotive manufacturers to secure benefit in the largest locomotive acquisition in Transnet’s history.

Namibian fishing industry cries foul as quota handed to international interests

Namibian fishing industry cries foul as quota handed to international interests

A deal between Namibia’s state-owned fishing corporation and a foreign company contradicts a commitment to “Namibianise” the industry critics say.

Did Ayo mislead investors?

Did Ayo mislead investors?

Ayo claimed to have had commitments worth R5.3-billion from investors – but did they?

PIC’s dodgy oil investment going down the tube

PIC’s dodgy oil investment going down the tube

A R4-billion Public Investment Corporation investment could be wiped out as Texan oil firm files for bankruptcy.

The Nkonki Pact Part 3: Eskom funded Essa’s capture of audit firm

The Nkonki Pact Part 3: Eskom funded Essa’s capture of audit firm

Two weeks ago Nkonki’s CEO resigned after we revealed that Gupta lieutenant Salim Essa funded his buyout of the firm. Now we explore Eskom’s role.

Survé's listing ship

Survé’s listing ship

The intended listing of Sagarmatha Technologies was a mirror image of a deal in which the PIC was used to massively underwrite the Survé fortune.