Papa J and Prince: meet the men who were roped into the Phala Phala burglary “mastermind’s” escape to Namibia.

Imanuwela David, the man alleged to be the ringleader in the robbery at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s game farm, skipped the country with the aid of two dodgy forex traders – a certain Papa J and a man named Prince. AmaBhungane’s investigation reveals their identities, their roles in the saga, and Papa J’s surprising connection to Jacob Zuma. Meanwhile a new leaked recording raises more questions.

The evaporating case for gas

A study from a coalition of 86 major corporations — including Eskom, Sasol and Shell — shows we need very little natural gas to achieve energy security. So why is government and business pushing a plan that would see us spend R628-billion — and perhaps up to R1-trillion — on gas?

Today is World Press Freedom Day

This year’s United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) theme is “Journalism under Digital Siege”.

Analysis: Who is behind South Africa’s xenophobic nationalism?

Evidence gathered for amaBhungane suggests that if South Africa descends into xenophobic violence, it will be disproportionately due to the actions of a few political actors.

PRASA: the CR17 ‘spy’, the security cabal and the dodgy tenders

An obscure group of security personnel have been embedded in PRASA, giving them influence over the agency’s huge security budget – and more. Who put them there and why?

RET influencer Sphithiphithi Evaluator ‘unmasked’ in insurrection case

The state alleges that a 36-year-old Twitter influencer was one of the instigators that ignited widespread unrest and looting in July.

Chemical warehouse torched in Durban

Here it is: The toxic stockpile of chemicals in torched Durban warehouse

UPL, one of the world’s largest chemical multinationals, refuses to disclose what poisoned a Durban river, the city’s air and its beaches. Now amaBhungane has accessed the inventory, which includes suspected carcinogens, neurotoxins, chemicals that “may damage the unborn child” and tons of “highly caustic” substances that burn skin on contact.

Analysis: Nothing but Zuma’s deflection

Independent Newspapers reveal “hot off the press” transcripts – dated 2008 and public since 2015 – involving amaBhungane’s joint managing partner and the prosecutor in the former president’s arms corruption trial.

Sam Sole speaks to the Committee to Protect Journalists about amaB’s landmark court victory – “2008 surveillance was the tip of the iceberg”

South Africa’s highest court, the Constitutional Court, handed down a landmark judgment on February 4 that not only protects journalists and their sources from surveillance abuse, but also upheld a lower court’s ruling that the insidious practice of the bulk interception of ordinary citizens’ data and communication is illegal.

State capture: The case against Nedbank

In the saga of disgraced financial services firm Regiments Capital, one name keeps popping up: Nedbank. After years of digging, we can disclose that the bank incentivised the firm to peddle the bank’s financial products to public sector clients that Regiments was supposed to advise impartially. Together, they raked in hundreds of millions.

Update: Sars freezes R2.8-billion from Chinese rail company that paid Gupta kickbacks

The tax collector can breathe a sigh of relief after the court ordered a last-minute halt to the release of funds linked to state capture.

At a minute to midnight, Sars attempts to secure R4bn state capture loot

At a minute to midnight, Sars attempts to secure R4bn state capture loot

Days before the Reserve Bank must release funds it quietly froze to Chinese rail group CRRC, the taxman goes to court to preserve them and prepares to claim billions from CRRC based on evidence that it paid kickbacks to the Guptas.

Zondo Commission

EOH’s Mackay doled it out to Zizi Kodwa and other ANC officials, Zondo hears

Flamboyant tech firm executive Jehan Mackay made repeated payments to ANC functionaries over three years, the Zondo commission heard today [Wednesday]. An investigation commissioned by EOH found payments to the current deputy minister of state security, the then ANC Youth League treasurer and Jacob Zuma’s assistant.

Kamal Singhala far left, Varun Gupta third from left, Aakash Garg sixth from left, Ashok Narayan far right.

After state capture, Guptas and friends are flying high

Since the Guptas fled to Dubai, some members of the family have kept busy. Key to the next-generation Guptas’ international adventures is an alliance with another Indian business family, the Jalans.

New York court grants IDC access to Gupta financial records from 17 international banks

Evidence showing how Gupta family businesses round-tripped and laundered state funds from the Estina dairy project as well as Transnet locomotive deal kickbacks, may lie in the electronic vaults of more than a dozen New York banks. Now, the IDC has been given the keys.

10 years of digging: amaB’s decade in the dung

How a little faith, a little sacrifice and perhaps more than a little endurance have helped us beat the odds and build a unique South African solution to the malaise afflicting media worldwide.

Comment: Will the ANC stand up to Zuma?

Advocacy release: amaB and FM launch application to access Zuma’s tax records

We have initiated public interest litigation challenging two Acts’ tax secrecy provisions.

SAPS Wars Part 3: Bheki Cele, Robert McBride and the mysterious Mr Marimuthu

What’s behind the fallout between Robert McBride and Bheki Cele – and the ANC? McBride’s testimony at the Zondo commission will answer some questions, but the back story goes back more than a decade.

State aided Zuma sugar mom

How Zuma benefactor was bailed out with tax money.

Keeping it in the family

An investigation suggests Jacob Zuma’s women and children are bidding for private benefit from their presidential connections.