The veteran, the doctor and the PIC’s dodgy R600-million land deal

Extracting money from the Public Investment Corporation for dubious projects seems to have been easy – if you were willing to shell out massive “fees” to connected gatekeepers. That’s the implication of the latest investment debacle amaBhungane has uncovered involving the troubled state pension fund manager.

“Dr Dan” Matjila’s secret deal to make Survé’s R700m debt to pensioners ‘disappear’

Yet another court case has laid bare allegations the former chief executive of the Public Investment Corporation secretly signed away state pensioners’ claims worth hundreds of millions of rands to help his alleged friend, media mogul Iqbal Survé.

Independent “outsources” staff to tap Public Investment Corporation billions

Iqbal Survé’s Independent Media — and other companies in his Sekunjalo Investment Holdings stable — have moved dozens of workers to the legally unrelated but PIC-subsidised payroll of Ayo Technology Solutions. Among them is at least one journalist — the controversial former Sunday Times investigator Mzilikazi wa Afrika.

Unions take on Iqbal Surve

Sactwu drags Survé to court for Indy millions

Iqbal Survé has lost another longstanding ally – the union that lent him workers’ money to help take over Independent Media. The Sactwu investment company is demanding their R300-million back, but Survé’s says his company doesn’t owe them, or its major creditor the Public Investment Corporation, a cent.

Absa does a Gupta on Iqbal Survé

Absa does a Gupta on Iqbal Survé

The bank has cut ties with 24 companies directly or indirectly controlled by Iqbal Survé’s Sekunjalo Investment Holdings. The move is reminiscent of the beginning of the end of the Gupta empire.

Iqbal Surve PIC Matjila

PIC looks on while ‘Survé Inc’ burns through state pensioners’ billions

Controversial newspaper owner Iqbal Survé continues to side-step the state fund manager’s efforts to reclaim the fortune that its former boss threw his way. Meanwhile ever more of the PIC’s cash is being spent propping up the Survé empire.

IDC ‘suckered’ into making a R185-million business loan allegedly diverted to pay off debts and buy a Bentley   

A politically connected group allegedly ripped off the state-owned development financier by diverting most of a loan meant for an engineering firm, which was then put into business rescue.

Iqbal Survé takes another bite at the PIC apple

The Cape businessman seems set to extract millions more from the R4.3-billion his company irregularly scored from the PIC – but JSE rules are complicating his latest attempt.

Breaking: VBS gang finally goes down

Eight prime suspects in the pillaging and destruction of VBS Mutual Bank were rounded up in simultaneous raids this morning. This marks the beginning of a wave of prosecutions that will almost inevitably drag in a range of political operators from municipalities right up to the national level.

PIC: How years of digging paid off

We said it before. Now so has Judge Lex Mpati.

How Survé ‘robs Peter to pay Paul’

Iqbal Survé’s embattled businesses have quietly redirected money scored from the PIC, apparently to pay Independent newspapers’ staff, pay off luxury properties and channel millions to an ostensibly “unrelated” company whose directors give their addresses as one of his apartments.

Sasol dumps Survé

Iqbal Survé’s Ayo Technology Solutions already faces an existential threat from the PIC and now has to contend with a new blow – its most important client, Sasol, is running for the hills.

Iqbal Surve PIC Matjila

Analysis: How ex-PIC boss swallowed Iqbal Survé’s Indy lemon

Dan Matjila bent over backwards to forgive all the debts owed by Iqbal Survé’s media group – and then some.


Dr Dan and Dr Survé mistreat the PIC

The perfidy of the two doctors – Dan Matjila and Iqbal Survé – is emerging from a matrix of court documents, evidence at the inquiry into the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and other information obtained by amaBhungane.

PIC wants to “investigate” Sekunjalo directors after liquidation

The Public Investment Corporation is sending out strong hints that it expects to find more than a financial meltdown when it winds up Iqbal Survé’s Sekunjalo Independent Media.

Another blow for Survé as auditors quit

Is Iqbal Survé’s ship sinking? His major financial backer sued him; he’s been raided; and now his auditors are jumping ship.

Iqbal and friends

Iqbal Survé’s businesses seem uncomfortably incestuous, given that the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is investigating possible share manipulation at all three of his listed companies.

Leaked WhatsApps: How access to PIC execs may have facilitated deals

Leaked messages show how a little-known businessman, Lawrence Mulaudzi, gained an inside track with the PIC and its then-CEO, Dan Matjila, setting his sights on becoming a billionaire with pensioners’ money.

Advocacy: AmaBhungane calls on parliament to halt finalisation of PIC Amendment Bill

In written submissions, amaBhungane has urged parliament to amend the PIC Act to allow for public access to records of the PIC’s investment decisions.

A’yo goin’ down Dr Survé?

The PIC commission of inquiry has already cast doubt on the decision to put pensions money at the disposal of Iqbal Survé’s Sekunjalo group. And it’s only just begun.