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The arms deal cache

Key Takeaways

amaBhungane presents the Arms Deal Cache, an online resource to spread knowledge about South Africa’s arms deal scandal and enlist the public in efforts by journalists and campaigners to expose the truths that authorities have so studiously ignored.

The cache will be supplemented over time with many more of the documents collected during our and the Mail & Guardian‘s decade-long, award-winning investigations into the scandal.

Be the first to know when we add new documents to the cache by following SAarmsdealcache on Twitter.

Want to tell us what you’ve found? Or add more documents to the cache? Email [email protected] — anonymous postings welcome.

Disclaimer: Investigations are works in progress. Some of the documents below contain allegations which remain unproven. They are included because a full airing of the scandal is in the public interest, but remember that all persons are innocent until proven guilty.

2011 Arms deal commission

111027 Radebe announces arms inquiry terms of reference

2011 Ferrostaal investigations

111028 Heuking report into Ferrostaal

110822 Dramat to DA: Hawks won’t investigate

110413 Debevoise Plimpton Ferrostaal final report

2011 US State Department v BAE: arms control contraventions

110500 State Dept v BAE: proposed charging letter

110516 State Dept v BAE: consent agreement

110516 State Dept v BAE: order

2010 SAPS docs re: closing arms probe

100914 Meiring to Dramat to motivate closing arms probe

101105 Dramat to Scopa justifying closure of arms probe

1994-2007 UK SFO documents on BAE investigation

941010 Kayswell (Bredenkamp company) incorporation in BVI

960000 BAE plans covert offshore payment system

981021 BAE agreement with Arstow (Roberts, Thurston, Matt)

990414 Red Diamond (BAE) substitute agreement with Arstow

990902 Arstow contract with Westunity (Hlongwane)

990902 Westunity back-to-back contract with Hlongwane

991111 Red Diamond contract with CIC (Thurston, Chapman, Day)

000222 Jasper (Bredenkamp) incorporation Mauritius

000605 Bank correspondence shows Hlongwane has CIC debit card

010514 Bank memo shows Hlongwane is CIC beneficiary

010730 Arstow payments to Hlongwane

020000 Transfers between Red Diamond, CIC, Westunity (Hlongwane)

020101 BAE contract with Hlongwane Consulting

030910 Sanip contract with Hlongwane Consulting

041207 BAE, Red Diamond payments to Arstow, onflow to Hlongwane, MacDonald

041207 BAE, Red Diamond payments to Arstow

050000 Valurex corresp re route to Hlongwane

050301 BAE contract with Hlongwane Consulting renewed

050823 BAE contract with Hlongwane Consulting extra $8m

050930 BAE payments to Kayswell (Bredenkamp company)

051205 ACS (Bredenkamp) ref payment to Hlongwane

060813 Sanip contract now with Ngwane Aerospace (Hlongwane)

070431 BAE payments direct to Hlongwane Consulting

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