21 July 2024 | 12:10 AM

Top cop down

Key Takeaways

Miscarriage of justice marked by lack of will

Agliotti a free man

Selebi judge defied death threats

Taxman hits Agliotti for R77‑million

Selebi’s fight-back strategy

Selebi granted leave to appeal

Selebi challenges corruption conviction

Kebble death ‘needed to look like a hit’

Squabbles over cellphone records at Agliotti trial

Court deals blow to state in Agliotti trial

Keeping house for Kebble

Kebble ‘depressed and troubled’ before his death

Kebble murder trail: Cellphone records under scrutiny

Selebi sentenced to 15 years

State seeks stiff sentence for Selebi

Agliotti counsel rips into state witness

Kebble trial victim tells how he was shot

Roger Kebble knew of assisted suicide

RKebble’s dirty empire laid bare

Simelane caught up in Selebi fallout

Selebi’s fate hangs in the balance

Selebi ‘was a brilliant leader’, court told

State wants Selebi’s assets

Court finds Selebi guilty

Judge says Selebi an unreliable witness

Kebble questions that need to be answered

Four years on, truth still hidden

State eyes Selebi’s goods

DVD admitted as evidence in Selebi trial

Judgement day for Jackie Selebi

Jury’s out on the worst witness

Trial a ‘personal vendetta’ against Selebi, says defence

Selebi’s defence says ‘huge gaps’ in state’s case

State calls Selebi ‘a lying witness’

Kebble’s voice from the grave

Top cop scuttled Zuma case

No need to restructure special units, says Pikoli

Court strikes Mphego matter from the roll

Nel taken off Agliotti case

Selebi’s defence closes its case

Selebi contradicted, again

How Selebi ‘cashed in’ on overseas trips

Zuma in talks over ANC paper

New funds come with strings attached

The dollars Selebi ‘got’ from Agliotti

Selebi’s financial affairs under scrutiny in court

Selebi’s cash ‘in wife’s hands’

The emperor’s new clothes

Selebi admits consulting state witness

‘You lie’, Mr Selebi

Selebi trial waits on declassified document

Selebi admits showing Agliotti intelligence report

State presses Selebi over phone calls

State accuses Selebi of changing evidence

Selebi hits at Scorpions

Playing the blame game

Selebi trial hears of plans to prosecute Mbeki

Deny everything …

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